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Every food lover knows that the best food comes from the freshest materials. If you want fresh bread, Make your dough. Do you want fresh dough? Grind your flour. In the olden days, if you wished to grind your corn or grain, you would have to use an atlas corn grinder. This is the age of technology and advancement as such that anyone can become self-sufficient if they want to.

There is no question that the freshly ground grain is the best tasting and the most nutritional. With countless health benefits and not to mention the grainy natural taste provided by the newly grounded corn, wheat or other grains. So if you wish to lead a healthier (and tastier) life then get out there and get yourself a best grain grinder.


Depending on the seller they may are electric mills or manual corn grinders, both having their pros and cons. If you prefer to ‘feel’ your flour being ground, then the manual corn grinder is for you. It comes with a crank handle, you pour the grain on one side and crank the handle until it is ground or if you prefer to flow in the grain, flip a switch and let the flour mill machine do the grinding; then the electric corn grinder is for you.

Most significant difference of these grinders is the speed at which you turn your grains in to wheat. Other than this, texture setting, processing feature, mechanisms and sizes are different.

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Top 3 Corn Grinders








Blentec 52


1000 Watt


7.65 pounds


Nutrimill classic 760200


1200 Watt


14 pounds


Wondermill mill grinder


1250 Watt


10.4 pounds


Why You Should Grind Your Own Wheat Using A Grain Mill?

Most of the peoples used to eat street foods or the fast-food without considering how bad it is to their health, anyhow, every health conscious person trying to use more healthy food items and products.

Imagine the feeling of taste of home made coffee drink by using perfectly ground coffee with a tasty home made bread. It will take you to the heaven. You can make your daily healthy food from your hand; it would add some deliciousness and healthy value to your meal. Let’s see the benefits of having a best wheat grinder in your home.

Health Benefits

The wheat contains main three layers: the bran, the germ, and the endosperm. Commercial grinding/milling removes the bran and germ to prevent the spoilage of wheat based foods. Sadly 90% of the nutrition include in the bran of the seeds.

Corn is a wonderful grain with lots of healthy benefits. It is good for high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. Having own grinding mill can save the whole nutrition of the grains and can stop use of artificial ingredients to the grain based foods. If you need to take the real healthy benefits from the corn, you must have suitable wheat grinder in your home.  You can use other grains like rice to make delicious food from your home.

Home Milling is Cost Effective

Purchasing a food making equipment not merely a financial decision. It’s decision on your family health and life style. Having a grinder in your home saves the purchasing costs of expensive flour. Corn wheat seeds are not expensive, so you can purchase that at lesser cost and turn in to corn flour.

For example, let’s say you daily spend average 3 to 4 dollars for a bread. Good investment on best grain grinder can saves at least $120 per month and $1440 per year.

It Can Use Based on Your Need

Having a best corn grinder in the market helps you to turn wheat in to flour anytime. Press the switch to “on” to pour your grans util it turns to desired level. You can use that based on your requirement and can use to make any homemade food item.


Freshly foods make more tastier and texture and also baked well. Whole grains tastes better because it still contains of bran and germ. Most of the oil included in the germ of a grain. Therefor it adds some sweeter flavor to your baked goods.

What To Look For In A Corn Grinder?

Selecting a best corn grinder or corn grinder machine quite challengeable, because there are lots of options available and several factors need to be considered. Here we have few facts for your consideration on selecting a beast corn grinder.


Horse Power is one of the critical factors you must consider before you taking the purchase decision, because power decides the capacity and capability of grinding the grains. Usually commercial corn grinder takes 1 to 2 minutes to finish the grinding of 5 cups.


Time is lucrative factor to all of the people. Capacity and time taken to grind the wheat decides the efficiency of the corn grinder. Most of the electric corn grinders have high efficiency than the manual corn grinders.

Noise level

Every food maker expects quitter grain mill with proper functionality. Let’s think about the situation of having small children’s in your home with higher noise. It’s going to be a mess. There for you must consider about the noise level before you purchasing the grinder mill or best flour mill.

Making bread by using Corn Grinder and Corn Flour

Best Corn Grinder Reviews – 2020

In this buying guide, we will be discussing the top 5 corn grinders for sale out there in the market. Listed accordingly these include:

  1. Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill
  2. NutriMill’s Classic 760200
  3. WONDERMILL’s Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder for Home and Professional Use.
  4. WONDERMILL’s Manual Grain Grinder for Dry and Oily Grains
  5. NutriMill Harvest Stone Flour Mill

1)Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill

corn grinder

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It is a state of the art grain and corn grinder which can grind 24 cups of natural whole-grain flour in under 8 minutes which is a charming capacity as compared to its small size.
It has a variable speed option and an on-off switch.
Blendtec kitchen mill is the first micronizer introduced to the home market.

The chamber is made up of stainless surgical steel, designed for efficient and quick refining, while the housing unit, lid, and transparent container of flour are made up of high-impact and highly resistant plastic.

The 1.8 HP, 1000-watt motor is very powerful and It has a self-lubricating mechanism that makes the grinding cool so that the nutrients remain intact.

It has the following features

  • 5 grinding settings can refine very coarse to a very fine grind
  • ON/OFF switch is very handy
  • It has 2 filters which contains the fine particles and doesn’t allow them to blow all over the place.
  • It possesses the ability to grind 1lb grain/minute
  • The container has the capacity to hold 24 cups of flour.
  • The hopper has the capacity to hold 3 cups of grain.
  • It comes with a 6-year warranty.
  • It is reliable, quick, and convenient; the Blendtec is still a dependable choice today.
  • It has a history of milling and it has changed the meaning of refining flour to a whole new level.

With a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars on Monlock, Let’s put its pros and cons side by side.

  • Pros
    • Five texture setting which can grind flour from coarse to very fine.
    • Grind 1 pound of grain per minute or 24 cups of grain in under 8 minutes
    • Simple to use and easy to clean
    • Six-year warranty and trusted manufacturer
  • Cons
    • Very noisy
    • Too expensive as compared to other and far more technologically advanced corn grinders
    • Grains get expelled from the container which makes it dirty and waste of grain
    • Grinding hard corn may clog the gears, and it will be unrepairable

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2) NutriMill’s Classic 760200 Corn Grinder

industrial corn grinder

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The NutriMill Classic 760200 is next on the list as an electric corn grinder. It is a high-speed grain mill which can grind 5 cups of grain per minute.
It has a set temperature of 118 ° that protects the nutrients in the grain and keeps the grainy flavor of the flour intact.

NutriMill Classic 760200 can be used as a corn meal grinder with much efficiency than the rest as it has a powerful motor which can grind very fine to very coarse flour; to your liking.

Stainless steel impacts grain milling heads provide adjustment from very fine to coarse flour, ten times more efficient than impact corn mill grinders.
With a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars; below are its pros and cons:

  • Pros
    • Affordable
    • Grinds grains at a charming speed
    • Easy to clean and compact to store
    • Grinds tight grains without any problem
  • Cons
    • Defective products delivered, customer service is unresponsive
    • Very noisy and gets dirty
    • Substandard materials used for motor
    • The plastic cover is a pain to remove

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3) WONDERMILL’s Powerful Electric Grain Mill Grinder for Home and Professional Use

industrial corn grinder

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The powerful electric grain mill grinder for home and professional us by WONDERMILL is the best electric corn mill grinder without a doubt. It is swift compared to its competitors in this price range. It is an electric grain grinder that is made to make the job of grinding your flour as easy as possible. For a daily appliance, The WONDERMILL is the most user-friendly and efficient.

It is certified and comes with a lifetime warranty. Being so quiet and efficient, it has given the competitors a run for their money. It is made up of sturdy, heavy duty and durable material; comes with no complicated settings it can grind 100-pound flour in 1 hour without overloading.
It serves as a corn mill grinder very efficiently.

It comes with three grind settings so that you can grind your grain to your preferred fineness. Apart from commercial usage, it is also used as an industrial corn grinder. With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, It is the best choice for a corn grinder on this list.

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4) WONDERMILL’s Manual Grain Grinder for Dry and Oily Grains

corn grinder mill

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Food lovers uses different methods to grind their foods. It could be electric or manual. In terms of hand crank grain mill or best manual grain mills, WONDERMILL is a name of trust that is why it has occupied two places in the list of Top 5 corn grinders for sale.  Second, on the list is WONDERMILL’s Manual corn grinder for Dry and Oily Grains.
It is a Mexican corn grinder; It comes with a crank handle to grind the corn finely mechanically.

This is extremely heavy-duty and durable, coming with a lifetime warranty.
It is a fast hand grinder can also be used to grind flour and spices, portable to carry making it one of the few portable corn grinder machines.
With an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars WONDERMILL hand millranked as best hand grain mill of the list. Below listed its pros and cons:

  • Pros
    • Very durable machine
    • Mount system is sturdy and strong
    • Grinds very finely
  • Cons
    • Very costly for a manual corn grinder
    • May start breaking from first few cranks
    • A bit complicated to use
    • Takes a lot of muscle power
    • Grinding beans may be an issue as they get clog the machine.

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5) NutriMill Harvest Stone Grain Mill

best corn grinder

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Next grinder of our list of best grain mills is a grinder by NutriMill. The NutriMill harvest stone grain mill is a stone corn grinder.
It is a German made electric corn grinder with an Auto-Off thermal protection feature consists of tough corundum GrainMaster milling stones.
It comes in six color variants for you to choose from and it is made up of sustainable bamboo wood, very Eco-friendly and carefully designed.

Monlock recommends it, and with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars, Its pros and cons are the following:

  • Pros
    • A potent motor with a thermal protecting Auto-Off feature to make sure it doesn’t overheat
    • Affordable
    • Durable and heavy duty
    • Potent motor grinds even the hardest grains
  • Cons
    • Doesn’t grind very finely
    • Requires a lot of cleaning
    • Noisy, Heavy and small
    • Flour isn’t heated, so it doesn’t keep the grainy flavor and nutrition intact

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Health Benefits of Corn

Corn is one of the famous cereal grain around the world. Many number of verities are available in the market these days. Most commonly popcorn and sweet corns are the famous among the food lovers. According to the “USDA” it include below levels of nutrition. (100g or 3.5 ounces)

  • Water: 73%
  • Calories: 96
  • Fiber: 2.4 grams
  • Protein: 3.4 grams
  • Carbs: 21 grams
  • Sugar: 4.5 grams
  • Fat: 1.5 grams

Health benefits of corn as follows.

Good for Anemia

Corn is Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Iron rich grain. These nutrition helps to produce the Red Blood Cells of the body by reducing the risk for Anemia.

Reduce the Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Level

Corn Oil increases the blood circulation, produce insulin and lower the cholesterol absorption. Corn is extremely rich in Vitamin B1, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin C, these helps on producing the blood cells fight against the diseases. Fiber lowering the cholesterol by reducing the blood auger level.

Provide Protection in Pregnancy

Folic zeaxanthin and pathogenic acid reduce the risks of birth defects of a baby. It protects the baby from physiological problems and muscular degeneration.

Good for Skin

Vitamin C and lycopene (antioxidants) increase the production of collagen and prevent harm from the UV. Corn oil and Corn starch can be use as beauty cosmetic to make your skin fair.

Ability to clean

Gerba says “Cleaning is the only intervention”. Cleaning ability of flour grinder controls the spread of infections and enhance the durability of the machine. You can read the article on cleaning the grinder.


Having your own grinder makes your life more easier when your baking a bread or making a casserole or any other food item. It is essential to take right purchase decision on selecting a best corn grinder rather than choosing cheap grinder.

Whether you want a corn grinder for your kitchen or industrial needs. Either you want a corn grinder for making breadchicken feed or yourself to get gluten-free flour. Hoping that this guide will be of help to you in getting the best corn grinder out there on the market but if you want the best out of these best, Then WonderMill powerful electric grinder is the way to go, It is the best corn grinder on the market currently available. Very easy to use and user-friendly for your daily grinding tasks.

This corn grinder will make you healthier, save you time and money because its price to performance ratio is next to none. The cherry on top: WonderMill stands behind their product with a lifetime warranty which is a fixed point for their machine on a marketing point of view.

Still, go through the guide and find out the best that may be for you, because it is famously said, “ To each man his own” and buying the best corn grinder is no joke now.



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