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In recent years, food grinders have made a quite massive jump in quality and precision. With the advancement in the manufacturing process, the building materials of KitchenAid food grinders are also increased drastically. There are multiple reasons for you to buy a food grinder, especially if you are running a small business of processing meat daily.

Food grinders chop the food and meat evenly and do not spoil their actual taste and texture. Meat grinders are different from each other to some extent. Not every grinder has a different shape, but you can identify them based on their characteristics. Some of the kitchenaid food grinders provide same services only the difference in their reliability and efficiency.

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However, electrical food grinders offer some advanced features that allow you to process food at an incredibly fast pace and almost in any possible way. As compared to the blenders and processors, food grinders preserve the moisture of the meat by applying pressure equally from all sides.

Top 3 Food Grinders







STX - 3000 - MF


17.55 pounds

110 Volts - 60Hz

320 - 360 lb/hr

White & Chrome

Dura +


24.2 pounds

110 Volts - 60Hz

1.25 Liter


STX - 4000 - TB 2 


13 pounds

110/120 Volts - 60Hz

175 - 225 lb/hr




Types of Food Grinders

There are two types of food grinders such as electrical food grinder and a manual food grinder. Manual grinders are relatively small and come with few attachments. Electronic grinders are for the heavy use and relatively large and expensive. You have to put considerable physical effort on the manual grinders and time consuming than the electrical grinders.

Manual grinders require less maintenance and easy cleaning but electric grinders require effort on cleaning and demand more maintenance. Both of the food grinders are offering features according to the preferences of customers.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Food Grinder

Before you taking a purchase decision on purchasing a food grinder, you must have knowledge on features and relevant factors of the product. The few points we mentioned in below might helpful to you to take more valuable purchase decision.

The amount you spend

Requirements are vary with the person to person and especially you must identify the real reason of purchasing the food grinder. Different grinders uses for different food items. For example coffee grinders for coffee, corn grinders for grains etc. If you are using a grinder for home use, you can go for a less expensive one. If it is a commercial purpose, you have to spend little more money than home use.


Different food grinder machines come up with different features. Before you taking the purchase decision you must identify the essential features. Some products come with different types of add-ones, which increase the price of the products.

Ideal Features

  • Sausage Accessories
  • Pasta and noodle plates
  • Covered blades
  • Grinder Plates


There is a correlation between the size and purpose. If your using the product in your kitchen, it should be relatively small than the grinder which using for commercial purpose. There for consider about the size before you taking the purchase decision against the commercial meat grinder.


Horse power is a critical factor to consider if you are thinking to purchase electric food grinder. Grinders with high horse power save the time you spend on grinding the food. There is no standard power level in the mortar, commonly manufacturers use around 5000W horse power for grinders.


If you are using the food grinder for commercial purpose, you can go for a food grinder with high capacity available. Grinding ability highly depends on the size of mortar, so you must consider the cooling and power availability for the selected grinder before taking the purchase decision.

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What is the use of Food grinder?

Basically food grinder can use for any kind of grinding purpose. You can grind the vegetables, meat, fruits, seafood etc. more easily with less effort and less time consuming. Replaceable accessories allow you to grind dry and cooked foods.

Having your own grinder saves time and money on spending to the third party and you can make more freshly and healthy foods from your own kitchen.

2020’s Best Food Grinders

Don’t know which type of food grinding tool will go best with your kitchen? Are you confused and don’t know whether electrical food grinder will help you or a manual one? Here, you can find the list of 2020’s best food grinders with their pros and cons that will surely guide you in choosing the perfect tool for your daily chores.

  1. Platinum Series of STX International Electric Food Grinder
  2. Wet Grinder with Atta Kneader from ULTRA Dura & Table Top
  3. STX-400-TB2-PD STX International Turbo II Electrical Meat Grinder
  4. Table Top Wet Grinder from Premier Small Wonder
  5. Compact Table Top Wet Grinder from Premier
  6. ALTRA’s Electric Meat Grinder
  7. AICOK Electric Meat Grinder
  8. Tilting Wet Grinder from Premier
  9. Wet and Dry Food Grinder from Chef Pro
  10. CGOLDENWALL Electric High-speed Grain Grinder

Let’s start the discussion on the best forms of food grinders.

1) Platinum Series of STX International Electric Food Grinder

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The Platinum series of this mega force heavy duty meat grinder is offering KitchenAid fga food grinding attachments in one package.  This STX-3000-MF-PL model features a motor that works on max power of 1300 Watt with high feeder volume tray.

This high capacity grinder can easily hold up to 3 Lbs of meat at one time. With the dimensions of 2” D * 9.75” L * 7.25” W, the high feeder tray is combined with the pair of meat claws and burger slider press bar. Updated with AVI Technology, the meat tray of this food grinding machine offers 2 wide openings that allow you to grind 320 to 360 LBS of meat in one hour.

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With 3 different speed levels, this food grinder is featured with standard circuit breaker option for safety measures. This is the best platinum series grinder of STX International that includes the Aluminum food grade grinding head and 3 to 4 stainless steel grinding cutting blades.

In one package of this grinder food machine, you can get 3-sizes of cutting blades, 1 beaner plate & 1 kebab making attachment which makes this tool est for any modern kitchen.

This heavy-duty meat processor is designed for household chores and not means to use commercially. With the money back guarantee of 30 days, this STX International grinding variant comes up with 3 years warranty of its all parts and labors.

  • PROS
    • Comes in the full package of attachments
    • Break the circuit of this electric food grinder if the motor gets overheated
    • Save electricity as much as possible
    • Cleaning is simple
    • Using of the machine is simple
    • Offers two different meat claws with single setting option
  • CONS
    • Heavy in weight
    • The assembling and disassembling is not easy
    • Some users reports manufacturing faults.


2) Wet Grinder with Atta Kneader from ULTRA Dura & Table Top

wet and dry food grinder, food grinders, dry food grinder, food grinder machine, best food grinder, electric food grinder,

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This food grinder from Ultra-Dura is innovative, aesthetically best and original. With high durability level, this kitchen grinder appliance from tabletop offers the best combination of precision and quality.

With attractive, sleek unit, this grinding machine is combined with Atta Kneader options, this wet food grinding machine is considered as an ideal grinder in the countries like India where Idli, Dosa, Urad, Dhokla, etc. like recipes are famous.

Design for household working, this table top wet grinder is not useful for commercial operations.

The Atta Kneader drum is detachable, and its cleaning is easy. The roster of this machine is made up with fine quality stainless steel and its motor work on the power of 110 Volts & 60 Hz.

Rated as 4 out 5 stars, this grinding machine also has different pros and cons such as

  • PROS
    • The attachments of this grinding machine is dishwasher safe
    • This food grinder is combined with Atta Kneader drum
    • Assembly of grinder and Atta kneader drum is easy
    • Light in weigh and offers attractive sleek design
  • CONS
    • Low quality material is used
    • Mortar is not powerful
    • The security lock is of substandard quality

3) STX-400-TB2-PD STX International Turbo II Electrical Meat Grinder

grinder food, food grinders, dry food grinder, food grinder machine, best food grinder, electric food grinder,

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This STX International Turbo Force II patent is offering Quad air cooling electrical food grinder. This food grinder within its Size 12 offers ultimate power, satisfaction, high performance, and style in one package.

This new variant from TURBO II is considered as a “Beauty and the Beast” that can increase the beauty of any kitchen counter. Available in black and white color, this STX technology base STX-400-TB2-PD model can easily adjust with the modern interior of your kitchen. 

Featuring the ultimate peak power of 2000 Watts, the motor of this TURBO electric food grinder can slice, chop and grind most severe cuts of the meat finely and nicely without spoiling its texture and natural fiber.

The Quad Air Cooling design of this electrical grinder consists of 4 intakes of air cooling system. This system is engineered to keep the heat level of the motor low. This ULTRA cooling method can virtually increase the life timing of this grinder.

With 3 stainless steel blades, 1 beanery blade, one kebab attachment, and 5 grinding plates, this grinder comes up with KitchenAid food grinder attachments and KitchenAid mixer attachments such as the set of 3-stuffing tubes with an adapter.

With 2-5/8” diameter output for food grinding process, this variant is size-12 grinder that also includes 2 inches long diameter feeding tube. With the running power of 600 Watts, this grinder food offers meat hopper with aluminum grinding head.

You can adjust the speed of the food grinder at three levels while grinding 175 to 225 lbs of severe cuts of meat at one time.  For understanding the functions of this machine more appropriately, there is an instruction label attached on the pack of this machine.

With 12 lbs as the net weight of the whole setup, this food grinder can easily adjust on the countertop of your kitchen.

  • PROS
    • This food grinder offers a foot pedal for easy grinding
    • Compose with ULTRA cooling design, the battery of this grinding machine work efficiently at high speed
    • It offers different grinding plates for different grinding options
    • You can operate the grinder at your desire speed level
    • This electric food grinder also bears a reset and stop switch
  • CONS
    • Highly expensive and large in size
    • The blades of the food grinder gets clog easily
    • Cleaning is not a simple process
    • Fight with lots of waste in each dispense

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4) Table Top Wet Grinder from Premier Small Wonder

electric food grinder, food grinders, dry food grinder, food grinder machine, best food grinder

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What is the reason for owning a wet grinder when there are different pastries, and batters are available commercially? The main reason for owning this type of grinder is that you can control the quantities of spices and creates your flavors.

This tabletop wet kitchenaid food grinder from Premier is exactly offering the things that you enjoy in commercially available batters and flavors. It is a workhorse food grinder that is compact, beautiful, and powerful, and it can go best with any modern kitchen.

The stone base of the machine includes high-quality roller stone that gives this modern grinder a little bit traditional look. With losing the nutrition of the food, the innovative gear of this wet table top grinder can grind everything finely and makes a nice thick and healthy batter.

The base of the grinder is made up of high-quality stone material, so it produces little noise while grinding process. The dry food grinder from Premier Small Wonder Company bears a toggle switch that operates in both up & down positions.

  • PROS
    • Best grinder for making healthy batters
    • Toggle switch option allows food grinding in every position
    • Base contains high-quality stone material
  • CONS
    • Customers report that it creates annoying sounds
    • It mingles the flavors during grinding

5) Compact Table Top Wet Grinder from Premier

grinder for food, food grinders, dry food grinder, food grinder machine, best food grinder, electric food grinder,

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For modern day kitchens, this Table Top grinder form Premier is ideal with its round drum that is made up with stainless steel material. This stainless steel drum offers a dual process for collecting the grated coconut.

1.65 cm thick and 4 inches high hard roller stone of this food grinder is combined with food grade plastic components. With 10 volts of power of the motor, this coconut scraper is also combined with an Atta Kneader drum.

With no BPA, this Table Top variant from Premier doesn’t contain any scrapper plate in its package. Made up with advanced technology options, this grinding machine includes double reduction gear that increases its service years.

Feature with the motor of 200 watts high power, this machine can grind rice, and beans into fine powders. The combo of Atta Kneader, grinding bowl and Kitchenaid attachment makes this Premier variant best for modern kitchens.

With the double working option, this wet food grinder machine is rated as 4.5 stars out of 5 stars at Monlock and its some prominent pros and cons are

  • PROS
    • The grinding stone container is airtight & crush proof and helps the grinding powder to stay fresh
    • Design is sleek and compact
    • It can go best with any modern kitchen
    • The Atta Kneader can make different batters effectively
    • The unique combo of this PREMIER variant is considered as workhorse
  • CONS
    • Some users of this product report manufacturing issues
    • It can create annoying sounds during grinding material process
    • Scrapper plate is not included in it
    • The quality of round drum is inferior

6) ALTRA’s Electric Meat Grinder

food grinder machine, food grinders, dry food grinder, food grinder machine, best food grinder, electric food grinder,

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Let’s start a new journey of grinding with the meat grinding appliances from ALTRA. Why are you wasting your money at different hotels when you can make your own mouth-watering burgers, sausages, and kebabs at your own kitchen?

With the 350W power of the engine, this electrical food grinder can mince 2-pounds of meat per minute. The spiral rod is attached with the trough exertion of three spiral circles; the fibers of the meat will remain undestroyed.

This dry food grinder of ALTRA comes up with multiple accessories. For making the coarse, medium, and fine grinding of food, you can get 3 cutting plates of different diameters. Made up with durable three layers reinforcement stainless steel material, the thicken aluminum alloy of this grinder prevents the pollution of food.

Certified with ETL and high-end ABS, the whole meat mincer is offering anti-corrosion & strong body.

The 3-way reserve switch option can unclog the machine less than in 1 min. Comes up with 12 months warranty card, this ALTRA mincing machine can become your best friend in the kitchen.

  • PROS
    • Offers different accessories for different type of foods grinding
    • Combining, dissembling and cleaning of this food grinder is easy
    • Made up with durable and secure food grade material
    • The machine comes up with built-in accessories storage box
    • Unclogging of food is not an issue
  • CONS
    • Very expensive
    • The battery doesn’t work for a longer time
    • 3-way reverse option gets stuck easily
    • Machine stops working after 110 minutes of grinding

7) AICOK Electric Meat Grinder

dry food grinder, food grinders, dry food grinder, food grinder machine, best food grinder, electric food grinder,

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Made up with stainless steel fuselage, a good life of grinding food begins with ALCOK’s Meat Electric Food Grinder. This will be your new friend in your kitchen and can finely mince and chop meat and vegetables.

With the maximum power of 8000W, the engine of this Electric food grinder can mince 2-pounds of meat in one minute. Made up with high-quality food grinding material, this variant from AICOK is offering several features.

The reversal settings of this grinder ease the unclogging process. With 1 food pusher & hopper plate, this food grinder is also offering different plate settings for making kebabs and sausages.

Approve from ELT technology; this is the best kitchenaid meat grinder that is offering 2-years warranty for the extended-life service of cutting knife and shelf. 

The metal-gear mechanism is used in this grinding machine that maximizes its grating capability. With the dimensions of 8.58 inches * 5.04 inches * 11.0 inches and frequency of 50/60HZ, this electric food grinder is the tone of the best tool for your kitchen!!!!

  • PROS
    • This food grinder can magically mince almost 2-pounds of meat at one time
    • With R switch button, you can avoid jumping of food
    • The grinder will automatically shut-off if it is overheated.
    • High quality food material prevents the pollution of food
    • Cleaning of this electrical food grinder is pretty easy
  • CONS
    • This machine is not made to grind frozen food
    • This electric food grinder doesn’t process with large strips of meat and vegetables
    • This machine cannot do work for more than 8 minutes

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8) Tilting Wet Grinder from Premier

commercial food grinder, food grinders, dry food grinder, food grinder machine, best food grinder, electric food grinder,

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With No BPA, this 2.0 Tilting manual food grinder from Premier includes stainless steel drum and plastic food grading components in its package. Updated with advanced technology options, this premier grinder is made up of hard black stone.

For storing the micro nutrients in the paste, the fix rotation of the food grinder avoids overheating in the mixing drum. With Tilting Premier Grinding, you can discover the whole new level of convenience of grinding by tilting the drum and pour your abrasive material.

The grinder will not stay rigid and move little in the upward position of the lock. For making nut batters and refining chocolate, this Premier Tilting 2.0 liter wet grinder is best.

Rates as 4 stars out of 5 stars, the motor of this grinder work on 160 Volts and 60 Hz. Similar to other food grinders of this list, this Premier Wet Grinder also has some pros and cons

  • PROS
    • Material quality of this machine is great
    • Light in weight and it has a compact size
    • This manual food grinder is best for grinding spices
  • CONS
    • This grinder is overpriced
    • Rearranging of the grinder is not easy
    • The flavors get mingle  very easily

9) Wet and Dry Food Grinder from Chef Pro

electric grinder kitchen, food grinders, dry food grinder, food grinder machine, best food grinder, electric food grinder,

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This is an incredible food grinder that can effectively fulfill your wet & dry grinding needs at 2 different speed levels. This is a dry food grinder in which you can grind not only moist food but also the dry ones.

The sharp blades of this variant of Chef Pro can grind flax seeds into the consistent form of powder. With the powerful motor of 350 watts, this grinder works on the electricity power of 112 volts.

This CPG501 Wet & Dry food grinder is constructed with stainless steel material that perfectly grinds your household spices, coffee beans, garlic, jalapeno, mint, cilantro, etc.

The size of this grinder is handy that makes it the best tool for your kitchen. As the grinder cup and cover of this grinder is dishwasher safe, so cleaning is not an issue in this case.

  • PROS
    • Cleaning of this food grinder is easy
    • Comes with safety lid for secure lock
    • Grind dry and moist food at equal power of motor
    • This grinder can grind any type of spices and food into nice form
    • Size of the manual food grinder is ideal for small kitchens
  • CONS
    • Grinder gets clog easily
    • The motor of this product does reach the half of its claim time
    • Don’t work with nuts such as almonds, peanut etc.

10) CGOLDENWALL Electric High-speed Grain Grinder

food grinders, dry food grinder, food grinder machine, best food grinder, electric food grinder,

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Made up with stainless steel material, this grain grinder is considered as a multi functional Mill family and commercial grinding machine. This HC-300 Model of Mill Herb Grain Grinder utilizes the power of 1500 Watts.

With the measurements of 13.5 cm * 13.5 cm * 11.5 cm, this slot machine crushes everything into the fine powder form. Consider as the fastest grinding machine, the motor of this grinder works on the rate of the 28000/min slot.

Smash everything more quickly because the motor of this grinding machine can grind almost for 8 mins continuously.

With a stable thicker metal base, this stainless steel grain grinder characterizes as robust, attractive design, light in weight, compact in size, and efficient in working. With advance safety measurements, this grinder also offers high electricity saving options.

No matter if you want to grind coffee beans and nuts or you want to enjoy the freshness of finely grind spices; this food grinder can deal with different material ranges.

The CGDOENWALL is known as a professional grain grinder, and the flavors of spices will not mingle with each other. After grinding, you don’t have to lift the upper portion of the heavy machine, but you can swing the fuselage part of the machine and pour your grinding material easily.

  • PROS
    • This grinding machine is more stable
    • The large blades of the food grinder crushes the large fuselage into fine powders
    • Small in size, this machine can adjust at any kitchen
    • Offers advance locking option
    • Profession leak-proof design offers unobstructed opening
  • CONS
    • Food gets clog easily
    • It requires 5  mins of interval after every grinding
    • Very expensive
    • Cleaning of the food grinder is not a simple hack.

Benefits of Food Grinding

Modern day peoples finding the easy and quick solutions to do their household works. Similarly they are finding easy solutions for fulfill their daily nutrition requirements. Most of the busy peoples adopted to the fast food, as a result of that they are facing a severe health related problems.

Being healthy is the main goal among the people of all ages today. Considering the health issues faced by the people, it is necessary to take quick actions to stay healthy.

Foods can change your lifestyle, all you have to do is adopt to a good diet plan like “Keto”. Now no need to spend money on food makers or restaurants; using good green vegetables, meat and grains with good grinder you can make your favorite and healthy food in your own kitchen. Lets see how grinders helps improve your health.

Reduces Hunger

You can lose your weight and improve health by reducing the hunger pangs. Vegetables and fruits includes heavy caloric value, by blending these you can eat without any hesitation. These simple mix easy to make and no need to go for a fast foods.

Retains Fibers

You can keep your food items intact by blending fruits and vegetables. Fiber is essential to stabilize sugar level of the blood, regularize the digestion and reduce the chronic diseases.

Reduces Fat

When your purchasing a salad from outside it included some oil, salt or fat to make more tastier and beautiful. But no need to add oil or fat with the properly ground herb, fruit, meat or vegetable salad, because you can control over the use of different ingredients than purchasing from outside.

How do you clean a Food Grinder?

Kind of common question that every housewife or chef facing, how the cleaning process going on the grinders. Different grinders including homemade grinder require different kind of treatment. This depends on the product you are using to grind, the material which used to manufacture your grinder etc. You can read this comprehensive article on how to clean your food grinder.

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Well, with the details of the above mention best food mills, there is no need to understand why there are multiple advantages of having a built-in electric and manual food grinder in your kitchen. The significant advantage of having electric food grinder for any modern kitchen is to create a variety of sausages, BBQ, burger patties, and bratwurst flavor mince in just a small period.

When you visit the market, you can see the thousands of different brands of food grinders, and it will become challenging to choose the right and more comfortable electric food grinder to be traditional and manual food grinder.

In the above list, we have mentioned the top-rated grinders of well-known manufacturers that don’t spoil the taste of your food and spice up your meal to the level best. Before purchasing a food grinder, you should keep the point of its cleaning, speed, and capacity in your mind.




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